Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter

I probably won't get around to posting tomorrow and so I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Today we've had yet another lazy day (well apart from my poor hubby who was up and out of the house very early as he worked in London all day)  The children didn't wake me up until 9am which was good as I had struggled to sleep last night, then L came in around 1am with a big headache.

We had a lazy breakfast and after we'd showered and had lunch we popped back into town as I'd forgotten to buy a birthday present for the party that R was going to today, I ended up buying a couple of pairs of leggings for B too as she's worn her ones out.  C's waterproof trousers turned up today as well so I think he's now all set for his trek.

B is a big fan of watching video's on Youtube and wanted to try making some chocolate chip cookies that she had seen, and they have turned out looking amazing. 

It's  just a shame that they're not gluten free so myself and R won't be able to have any, they've been made mostly to take to the Grandparent's house, and I've made some gluten free oat biscuits by adapting a recipe which I already had, however, after I had decided to start, I found out that I didn't have enough butter!  I tried to adjust down the recipe and they taste good, however they are very crumbly, so maybe next time I make them I'll make sure I've got all of the ingredients first!

So I think we're all set, I've got gluten free chocolate for R and nut free for L, I just need to remember to make gluten free Yorkshire puddings in the morning ready to take with us!

Happy Easter!
Lupin Girl x

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