Tuesday, 14 April 2015

It's So Quiet

Well, that's the Easter holidays over, everyone is now back at school, and the house is sooo quiet I can hear the clock ticking.

Yesterday was odd, B had to go back a day earlier than everyone else as she broke up a day earlier so I was back to getting up early to make sure she left on time, and boy was it a shock to the system.  B is really good in the mornings, she has usually made her lunch the night before and is all packed and ready to go without any help from me, but I like to see her off, she leaves the earliest out of all of the children as she has to get the bus to her school. 

Once both her and hubby had gone I enjoyed a cup of coffee and watched a programme that I'd recorded, then R appeared at about 8.45am, we had breakfast, then I went to wake C and L up as we all had to shower before meeting a friend and her children at McDonalds for lunch, we did a spot of tidying up too as they were coming back to ours after for a play.  C decided not to come with us, the other children are R's age and younger and he was going to see his girlfriend and some mates instead.

The poor guy in McDonalds looked a bit shocked with our order lol, L will only eat a plain burger, then R and I have ours without the buns, still he got it right, and if McDonalds would just supply gluten free buns, even if we had to make the burger up at the table ourselves to stop their worry of cross contamination, it would make things much easier for their staff, but they, nor Burger King have any plans at present to bring in a gluten free bun option in the U.K.

Our dinner was supposed to be homemade burgers, oops, so I changed it and we had sausages and potatoes instead (well, R and I had fish finger sandwiches as I'd forgotten to order our sausages and we were still full from lunch)

Then it was L's dancing, checking bags were packed ready for back to school, and bed time, and I've started R's spring/summer hayfever avoidance routine, he's on cetirizine twice a day, and has eye drops four times a day, then I make him shower every night just before bed so that all of the pollen is out of his hair before he goes to bed.  His hayfever was really bad for a couple of years, his eyes swell up badly, twice his eyeball itself has swollen up and we've ended up at the hospital, but last year I was really strict with making him follow the above routine and we use a HEPA air purifier in his bedroom and the living room, keep the window to his bedroom shut, the door shut when I have other windows open, and dry all of our washing inside.  It seemed to work as he was a lot better, so I'm hoping that he'll be okay this year too. 

L had a nightmare in the night and felt sick, she ended up in our bed and so I didn't get much sleep, I managed to get her up and she's gone into school okay this morning, she said she just felt a bit nervous, although I'm not sure why.

C has a busy term as he's got two G.C.S.E's to revise for and take, as well as his real Duke of Edinburgh expedition, and B's not looking forward to May as she has the second HPV injection.

Only five and a half hours until I pick my little ones up (big ones make their own way home) and then it won't be so quiet here.

Lupin Girl x

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  1. I can feel the quiet with you--so sudden after all the activity. Family life is so hectic, but one day, that part of your life will be gone. Enjoy it while you can.