Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Burgers, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Wheat Free

I do love a great big burger, I wish we had some charcoal for the BBQ, it's just the right weather, although to be honest, we don't really have time tonight as C is volunteering for his DofE.

I've just tweaked this burger recipe from last month. 

The reason I've done this is not because they weren't nice, they were delicious, but that 100g of gluten free bread crumbs is actually quite a lot when gluten free bread is so expensive, and I've not been good and kept up with making it myself *slaps wrists* Instead of using 100g of gluten free bread crumbs I've used gluten free bread flour.  I made the recipe just the same way, excluding the breadcrumbs, then I shook some flour into the mix and gave it another mix, it didn't seem to need much flour to stop being sticky.

Another change I made was to use lactose free milk instead of ordinary milk as B seems much better on that than on the usual milk, and then I made 6 of the burgers with hidden cheese in, this time I've used Philadelphia garlic and herb in the middle instead of cheese triangles, and I've made 4 without cheese in at all, so B is okay and because L didn't like the cheese ones last time.

I love the fact that they're great big burgers and can't wait for dinner!


Lupin Girl x

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