Monday, 13 July 2015

Weekend Catch Up

Well, where to start?

This weekend was one we had all been looking forward to for ages as we were off camping with a big group of friends.  Everything was going well, the logistics of picking children up from different schools.  Contingency plan for if J couldn't manage to finish early enough to travel with us, this meant packing my roof box and getting the tent in the car the night before, and having everything else ready to chuck in Friday afternoon, was all sorted.

I had been organised and made safe burgers for our traditional Saturday night BBQ, made a yummy lemon drizzle cake, and was all prepared. 

J called me to say he had been allowed to take half a days holiday and was going to be home for 3 o'clock, this meant I could pack the rest of the car (leaving space for J!) and head off to pick B up from school and by the time we got home, C would have picked up L and R and they would all be home and changed ready to jump in the car so we could head off.

Then, it happened. 

My car broke down.  Right on a roundabout.  Just after I had collected B. 


I rang J to see if he could come and tow me home, but he said to call the RAC in case it was something which could be fixed at the side of the road.

I want to say here how amazing the RAC were.  I rang at about 3.40pm and they took all of my details, and told me that I should have somebody with me by 4.20pm and that the mechanic would ring me with an updated time when they knew better.

I texted J and the friends we were going with, as well as my Mum, who then phoned me to see if she could help in any way, as I was getting off of the phone to her the RAC man rang me to check exactly where I was, and said he'd be two minutes, and promptly pulled on to the roundabout in front of me, as he travelled around the roundabout and pulled up behind me, it was 3.54pm!

The RAC man had a quick look, then pushed me off of the roundabout so that we were on a quieter road so he could run a few tests.  The results of which were not good.  The water pump had gone, and he thinks taken the head gasket out.  I was towed to a local garage and B was upset as we now didn't know if we could go camping as J's car only has 5 seats.  Luckily I have an amazing friend, S, whom having been told of our predicament said that they would take both of their cars so that they could take some of our stuff and one or two of us so that we could still go.  Yay for S. 

Both J and S met us at the garage to unload my car into their cars, we then headed home to collect C, L and R and off we went.

We had an amazing time and owe our lovely weekend to S and her family for rescuing us.  We have had camp fires, a BBQ, a trip to Hunstanton with gluten free fish and chips.

Ice cream, slush puppies and tree climbing, as well as lots of fun and laughter with our friends.

Now we just have to wait and see how much the car is going to cost, if the RAC man is correct, it could be a right off!  Please keep your fingers crossed!

So it's been a weekend of mixed halves for us, I hope you had a good one.

Lupin Girl x

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  1. Isn't it shocking when your vehicle lets you down at the most inopportune moment? So many people depending on it too. I'm so glad your friends assisted you so that your family could go camping as planned. I remember my camping days with pleasure. And that drizzle cake looks yummy.

    1. +FranceneStanley It's always the way isn't it? I'm lucky to have such amazing friends x

  2. Your friends are amazing and I am glad that your weekend got better.

    1. Thank you +Patrickweseman they are pretty amazing, aren't they?