Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hottest Day of the Year

So yesterday was the hottest day of the year, so far.  What was I desperate to do?  Well it certainly wasn't to be sat in the waiting area of a hospital, that's for sure. 

L had an allergy clinic appointment though, so off we went.  We managed to nab the last space in the car park, I was glad we'd gone a bit early, and went and bought a nice bottle of Coke to share whilst we waited.  We were half hour early so wondered down to paediatric outpatients, buzzed and nothing, it all looked dark and we couldn't see anyone.  I thought this was a bit strange, but as L's appointment was 10.15am I thought maybe the clinic started at 10am so we went up to a seating area we had passed on our way and had a natter and some of our Coke. 

At 10am we strolled back down, but it was all still dark.  I thought maybe they had changed where the clinic was being held, so we went and spoke to the lady on the reception desk, who said that she'd just spoken to another patients mum who had tried to get in from the outside of the clinic (there are two entrances) and had found out that the clinic had been cancelled.  She did phone through to somebody to check that every appointment had been cancelled and was very apologetic as she said we ought to have been told.  That however didn't really help with the fact that I'd had to take L out of school, that I'd had to pay the ridiculously overpriced charge for the car park, or that I was missing out on sitting in the garden!  We were told that the clinic would be re-arranged and that we'd hear from them, so off we went.

After I had taken L back to school, I did manage to get half hour in the garden before work, then spent the afternoon helping out at the school, it was soooo hot in the classroom, I felt really sorry for the children sweltering away in there, trying to concentrate.

Once home the children had ice poles and went in the paddling pool and I made lemon and herb chicken salad for dinner, which we ate al fresco.  For the past couple of nights it has been warm enough to sit out until half nine ish reading and chatting, which is just so nice, although it was very sticky last night and we were all grateful that J had gone into the loft and found all of our fans, it is days, or nights, like this where we all wish we had air conditioning.

R has not been too bad with his hayfever.  He has been sneezing a bit more than usual and last night his throat was itchy, which I have to admit is not nice as it's been how I've been feeling for the last couple of weeks, but thankfully his eyes haven't swollen shut like they did the other year.

I hope you're all coping/enjoying the sun,

Lupin Girl x


  1. AAAagh it's SO frustrating when they don't tell you a clinic has been cancelled. Oh his and your hayfever sounds awful.

    1. +InternationalElfService I agree, it was very annoying, especially as L is having a good run of health at the moment and was on for a term of 100% attendance which she's not managed all year!