Monday, 20 July 2015

Weekend Catch Up 18-19 July 2015

Before I update you on my weekend I want to say a huge Thank You to Emily from The Dairy Free Diner for adding me and my little blog to her home page as one of the bloggers she loves to read.  Emily blogs about her struggles with giving up dairy and has excellent reviews of products and restaurants she has visited.  Emily's blog is one I love to have a read of over a coffee and you should definitely go and check it out.

Emily asked if she could put a picture of me on her blog, or if she should just use my Twitter picture.  I had a long think about this, as when I started out blogging I was planning on doing it anonymously, however as I've started to make friends through Twitter, Facebook and blogging, and most of my real life friends now know that this is my blog, and so I decided to let her have a picture of me, so her I am:

So, here we are again. Welcome to my second weekend catch up post.

Since last weekend I have learnt that my car isn't worth repairing and therefore I am temporarily car-less. 

Thankfully I have yet more amazing friends who are going to the Isle of Wight with us and are going to take L in their car when we go so that we can still get there in J's car. Thank you C and A. 

Friday I had an awful migraine and felt sick and faint with it. I managed to doze for most of the day and headed up to bed once J got home. 

Saturday L was in a show at a The Lighthouse Theatre and I chaperoned for the dress rehearsal. It was hectic but I love doing it and the girls were amazing. Which was good as I was still suffering!  Then I got to watch the show in the evening, which was just fantastic. L was brilliant and sang, danced and acted her little heart out and I got some gorgeous pictures if her in her outfits. 

It was a very late night for us, and J who had to come and pick us up, and it was midnight when we went to bed. 

Sunday I was feeling a lot better and J's Mum popped round (after we'd had a lovely lay-in), which was nice as we hadn't seen her for a while as she's been on holiday. After a cuppa and a catch up we popped to my Mum and Dad's to collect their old kitchen wall cupboards as they're having a new kitchen fitted and said we could have their old one. 

What we thought would be a fairly simple task of taking ours down and putting theirs up, turned into an all night job as our cupboards are stuck fast to the wall!  The long story short is, we've put Mum and Dad's cupboards on the opposite wall and will try to get new doors for all of the cupboards at a later date so that they all match!  R and I now have a completely gluten free cupboard which is lovely.

As if that wasn't enough, J drove to Nuneaton to pick up some roof bars so we can put the roof box on his car so that when we go on holiday we can get everything in and we still managed to have a lovely roast chicken for dinner. 

All in all it's been a hectic weekend! 

Lupin Girl x 

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