Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Migraine Hell

I'm suffering at the mo. 

I started with a migraine Sunday evening. Took my tablets and went to bed. 

Got up Monday to see the children off as J was taking them to my Dad's. 

Went into the kitchen after they'd home and just stopped myself from collapsing. After it happened for a second time I realised there was no way I could walk to work and had to phone in sick. 

I crawled up the stairs to bed, where I stayed all day. 

I felt a bit better by nighttime and thought I'd be okay for work today (Tuesday)

Got up and dressed and J took me in. 

I carefully walked up the stairs to my office and was promptly told that I really shouldn't be there and got sent back home. (Luckily J hadn't hone far and came and got me). 

My Mother-in-Law had the children today and I went back to bed. 

I am feeling a lot better, I managed to get up this evening, but the back of my head still really hurts. I still feel like I'll collapse if I move too fast, but I've got to go in tomorrow. 

Keep everything crossed that I'm better in the morning. I've not been this bad for ages! 

Lupin Girl x 

A sunset to cheer me up :)

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