Friday, 7 August 2015

Places to eat (or not) in the Isle of Wight

Most of the time on our holiday to the Isle of Wight we took picnics with us, but we did eat out a few times.

We had fish and chips at Shanklin from a lovely fish and chip shop called 'The Happy Haddock' which we had seen on a Facebook page.  I had tried phoning them but it was before they opened and so we just took a chance that they did indeed sell gluten free fish and chips and that I wouldn't have to wait ages for the fryer to heat up.  Luck was on my side as the fryer was on, they were clued up about cross contamination, ensuring me that it was all cooked separately, the lovely man cleaned out the warming container and put greaseproof paper down to be extra safe, he then asked if I'd like gluten free vinegar on my chips and when I asked about sauces gave me some gluten free tartar sauce to try free of charge.  I would definitely recommend visiting them if you are in the area, the food was delicious and we'll be back next time we're in the Isle of Wight.  I was so hungry I didn't take any pictures, sorry.

On our last day we packed up the tent and headed to Ryde for a last paddle in the sea. Unfortunately the tide was in so we didn't get on the beach. We decided to find somewhere to eat which had a garden and plumped for The Crown. We weren't disappointed.  I asked for the allergy menu, and the waitress helped me find suitable dishes, ensuring me that if there was something I wanted which want on their lunch special price menu that they would do it at that price for me. As there were no gluten free options for R on the children''s menu they said they would either cook him chicken and chips or he could have an adult dish, but kids portion and price. They then came through to us to say we couldn't have the chips after all as they were fried with the curly chips which weren't gluten free and would therefore be contaminated. R went for beef stroganoff and I had the chilli nachos. It was the best meal we had on the island and will be back on our next visit. 



I'd eaten most of if before I remembered to take a picture!

Now a place to avoid.  The Hare and Hounds which was near Robyn Hill, not because they poisoned us, allergy wise it was ok. It was just terrible service taking an age to get our deserts out, and even then only bringing half of them so we had to watch them being eaten and still wIt forever for ours, asking several times and it didn't matter who we asked, there was a very much 'we don't care attitude'  We will not be going back here again!

Lupin Girl x 

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