Friday, 11 September 2015


Hubby and I had decided it was time to get the older two a pre-paid debit card. 

We wanted them to get used to managing their money, when they couldn't actually see what they were spending, as when they get Sarurday jobs they're not likely to get paid cash, like we did, but directly into their bank accounts. 

I did some research and the choice seemed to be between Osper and GoHenry. 

Both companies allow children from the age of 8yrs to have cards, but we felt that going to senior school, 11yrs old, would be the youngest we would be comfortable with them having a card. 

We went with go GoHenry because you could get the app on Android as well as Apple, Osper only seemed to use Apple. 

Secondly, rather than just selecting a set amount as pocket money, you could set tasks for your child to complete to get extra money. 

We preferred this as they still had to earn their money and it is how we pay them now. You can set it up so that the parent has to tick off that the job has been completed, or allow the child to be able to do it, they then get 'paid' once a week. You can also make one off payments to reward or pay for a one off reward/chore and transfer money immediately. 

You can block the card if they lose it or for any other reason. Limit how much they can spend in any one transaction and in a week.  You have to give permission for your child to use their card online, in the high street, at the cash point and in their online shop and set how much they can withdraw at the cashpoint. 

Your child can at savings targets, and through the app can see how much they have available to spend and cannot go overdrawn or get into debt. 

The cards arrived today, they haven't used them yet so I'll keep you updated! 

Happy shopping, and saving. 

Lupin Girl x 

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