Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Daith Piercing

So you may have seen my #wordlesswednesday yesterday 

I have heard lots of people saying that they have got relief from their migraines by having a daith piercing. As far as I'm aware, there is no scientific evidence to prove it works, but the idea is that it works on pressure/acupuncture points, and I did get relief many moons ago during an attack when I had acupuncture, so after thinking about it for a while I thought I'd give it a go. I think it looks really pretty, so even if it doesn't work, I still like the look of it. 

Having not had anything other than the standard ear piercings done I wasn't sure where to go, I asked a couple of friends of mine who have piercings about where they went and after researching I went to one of the tattooists that was recommended by them. 

Pulse in Northampton. 

I felt a bit of a plonker when I walked into the shop as I completely forgot the name of the piercing I wanted! However, with a bit of pointing and a picture we managed to get there and I was shown a tray of pretty titanium hearts to chose from. 

I was going to get both ears done, but was advised to do one at a time so that you have an ear you can lay on in bed!

Then I filled in the form and was told how to care for the piercing, paid and followed the man into the room. I was feeling a little nervous, as I'd heard it really hurt, but also excited. 

The guy opened up sterile instruments, checked which ear I wanted doing, cleaned my ear and applied a numbing gel to it (I think, it felt tingly), marked a dot where he was going to pierce it and then I had to lay down. He asked if I was ready and I said yes. I was told to take a deep breath in, and as I did he pierced it. He told me to breathe out slowly and just as it started to feel too painful, it was over. Or so I thought!  Then he said he had to put the heart in and I had to take a deep breath in again, but this time it didn't hurt. He said it bled a bit but that wasn't unusual once it had stopped, which was very quick, he closed the heart up and checked I felt ok. 

I did. So I was allowed to get up and have a look in the mirror and loved it. 

I had to take ibuprofen after to help reduce any swelling, and have my cleaning solution, saline with tea tree, which I have to do twice a day, until it's healed which he said could be 12 weeks or more (I think) but I could keep cleaning it for longer if I wanted to. 

Although this piercing hurt as it was being done, it was over quickly and there wasn't any of the burning that you get after having the lobe piercing. I've had a bit of throbbing since, but have kept onto pic it with the ibuprofen and it's been ok. 

I slept okay last night too, I didn't lay on that side much as I prefer sleeping on my right, but when I did it was okay. 

I've only noticed it during the day when I've used the phone at work as I hold the phone to my left ear but it's been okay, and I took some more ibuprofen at lunch time, then cleaned it when I got home, you never know what's on those work phones!

I will keep you updated on the migraine front. 

Lupin Girl x 

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