Saturday, 10 May 2014

Coffee and cake (or not)

My mum, sister and I are having a girlie day shopping at Meadowhall shopping centre.  We've finally stopped for coffee, and we're hungry so thought we might treat ourselves to a cake too. I wanted to go to Starbucks, it's my favourite coffee shop and I have money on my Starbucks card so I can treat everyone for a change. I took their orders and they went to get a seat.  It's very busy, but the lady kindly goes to check the ingredients. Their cakes however come in two's only in plastic, no boxes and no ingredients list! Their go to"free from" brownie does have ingredients, and contains soya. So we've just had the coffee, and the Vienese whirl that my dad kindly packed for us so we could save money. Just hope I have better luck finding a proper lunch, don't really want to have McDonald's when we're without the children!

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