Thursday, 8 May 2014


Hi there,

I'm starting a blog to review the restaurants, pubs, and supermarkets that I buy food from.

I am allergic to lupin, which nobody has heard of, check this out 

soya, Quorn and kiwi fruits.  I think I also have either an intolerance to, or an allergy to wheat as my mouth and lips tingle if I eat something like cake, muffins and rolls and if I have a lot of wheat/gluten (like I had to when I gluten loaded for the coeliac test) I end up with severe stomach ache, headaches, feeling tired and bloated.  I am currently waiting for an appointment with a dietician and am keeping a food diary (again!)

My nine year old daughter has also recently been diagnosed with a peanut allergy after having a reaction to a Snickers bar.

Last night I went out for dinner with my Mum and Sister.  We went to The Sun Inn in Hardingstone, Northamptonshire.
After looking at the menu I had a couple of dishes that I thought looked tempting, so I went to the bar to ask if they could find out if either soya or lupin was in the lamb Shish.  As the waitress went out into the kitchen I said to my Sister that I bet I got told that it was gluten free (this is what often happens when I say I can't eat lupin)  sure enough, I could hear her say 'No she said lupin not gluten' pleased that the lady had listened properly and corrected the chef who had obviously thought she had meant gluten, I waited curiously for the outcome.  The chef came out to see me himself, a lovely chap who confessed to never having heard of lupin.  After an explanation from myself as to what it is, he said he couldn't be sure if it would be in the dish, he didn't think it should be and he did list the ingredients, but explained that he did not know whether or not there would have been risk of cross contamination before they had got to the kitchen. (He was very knowledgeable about coeliacs and the need to make sure nothing with gluten comes into contact with the food as he has family members with the condition)  As lupin causes an anaphylactic reaction in me I decided to avoid that dish and went with my second choice, which was on the specials board, creamy chicken, mushroom and bacon chicken with chips and salad, which was safe, and delicious.  I have to say the whole night was lovely and I felt like the chef took my food allergies seriously and would definitely eat there again.  The chef even went to look up lupin after our chat.

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