Sunday, 11 May 2014


Well lunch was a success. After we'd spent an hour walking around the food court trying to decide where to eat! We ended up in Harvester.  I asked for the allergy menu and the manager (who was seating us, Amber) knew exactly where it was (a good sign) and said that it I was unsure about anything to just ask. When we placed our order Amber double checked that it was ok for me, and then when she bought our food over she told me that she'd made sure that the chef had cooked it on a separate, clean grill away from any other food so it didn't become contaminated. I was very impressed. This is the only restaurant I've been in where this has happened and I knew I could eat my meal without any worries about becoming ill. I give Amber 10 out of 10 and wish she could train waiting staff everywhere :)

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