Monday, 25 August 2014


I want to have a little moan.
I wouldn't say we eat here often, but when we're out and about with the kids and we need a quick bite to eat, that doesn't cost us a fortune, we often give in to the kids and go to McDonalds.
Today I took two of my children and my god daughter shopping at Milton Keynes and the children wanted McDonalds for lunch.  When I was just soya and lupin free I could eat here, only the nuggets or selects, but it was still a meal.  Now I'm gluten free as well, I can only have the garden salad, fries  and drinks (not the cappuccino if you have the chocolate sprinkles though)

I am quite disappointed that a company as big as McDonalds don't have a gluten free range, they say that their chip fryers are safe for gluten free, hence the fries being ok to eat, so they could easily cook gluten free nuggets etc in there as well.  It wouldn't be too hard to have gluten free rolls for their burgers either on a 'safe' area to serve up, they keep all of the vegetarian food separate from the meat. I don't know if there is gluten in the actual burger patty, but I seem to remember my daughter's friend eating just a patty with her fries when I took them there a few years ago, so that would open up a much larger menu for coeliacs and people following a gluten/wheat free diet.

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