Monday, 4 August 2014

Ock n Dough

I went out for dinner with the girls the other night.  Luckily I did my research before I went and wrote down the meals I was allowed.  I wrote them down because although the website does indeed have an allergy menu, it is not in a format which is printable.  It can be stretched to be read online (if you are on a pc not a phone), but when you print it, it is not readable.  Armed with my small list of mains, sides and deserts (I was very happy to have found a couple of deserts that I was allowed) off we went to the Ock n Dough in Wellingborough.  We had to wait for a table so I thought I should just double check that the meals I had written down were still valid and asked to have the allergy menu to peruse whilst we had a drink and waited for our table to become available.  A friend accosted a waiter and asked him if he could bring the allergy menu over to us, and was told that they did not have such a thing.  I was disappointed as I had hoped that they would have changed this after I bought it up last spring when the same thing happened.  They have a gluten free menu available, but not the allergy one.  The waiter did say he was happy to go and speak to the chef for me, but as the menu at the pub was the same as the one online I said not to worry.  I do feel that such a big chain as the Hungry Horse ought to have the allergy menu available in the pub as well as online as it is not always possible to check online, it also makes an impromptu visit less appealing when you are dicing with death. 

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