Monday, 25 August 2014


We spent a wet ten days in South West Wales earlier on in the month and as it was self catering I was confident I would be fine.  We were glamping and so had limited cooking facilities, for a quick dinner one night we thought we'd do soup.  I couldn't eat any of the packet soups, but found a tin of big soup that looked fine.  Everyone except myself and my youngest were having the packet soup, we were having the big soup, which I'd managed to convince my youngest was stew!  I cooked them in separate pans, using separate utensils and it tasted yummy.  However after about half an hour I started to get stomach ache, and was unwell all day and the next day :(

On a positive note, we went to New Quay and found a lovely little fish and chip shop called 'The Lime Crab'.  Initially I only went in to revive myself with a coffee after an extensive day on the beach (it was only cloudy, not rainy, but windy) and then crabbing off of the causeway, whist I was in the queue I noticed a chalkboard with 'gluten free chips, chips for all :) ask for details' and 'Gluten free fish now available :)'  So whilst ordering my cappuccino, I asked for details, all made separately and cooked in a separate fryer, no extra charge either.  I went back to the family and told them and we all decided that we would have dinner from there that night.  I received my order and the staff kindly wrote on my box for me so that we wouldn't get muddled as it was now raining and we had to go and eat in the car rather than along the sea front, typical British summer!

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