Saturday, 30 August 2014

Family gathering

Very proud of my eldest son. He wants to be a chef when he grows up and his Grandad managed to get him a morning working at Langan's in London on Friday. He had a great time and helped to prepare lunch, peeling vegetables and dipping orange peel in chocolate. He loved it and still wants to work in the restaurant environment.  To do this he has had to spend a couple of days at his Nana and Grandad's, so today we've gone down to pick him up and spend the day day having a get together. I took myself a Tesco free from bake at home roll (which by the way are delicious, much nicer than the normal free from rolls) but C had taken Grandad shopping and bought me a loaf of genius bread and some cider! Also they had remembered not to put peanuts out as L is allergic to them and had made sure that the food was safe for her. We've had a great day and are all free of stomach ache etc :)

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