Monday, 4 August 2014

Family gathering

At the weekend we had a family gathering to celebrate a birthday and to welcome a new baby into our family.
I decided it would be much easier for myself and my Aunt, who was preparing the food, if I took along food that was safe for me to eat.  I took a portion of gluten/soya free, home made lasagne, my bread, and some nibbly bits.  (Nakd cocoa and orange bars, homemade lemon muffin and crisps I know I can eat).  I also took a few sweet bits that are free from nuts for L just in case, as once the food is out on the table it isn't always easy to tell if it's safe for her to have and I didn't want her to be left out if the other children were munching away.
A lovely and food safe evening was had by all, my Aunt joked that in future we should all bring our own food as it would be much easier for her!

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