Friday, 19 May 2017


I love reading, but with the end of my degree in sight, unless it's a study book, I'm not getting much time to read for fun. 

So when I'm in the car on my own, usually on my way to and from work, I'm using Audible to listen to books I want to read.

These are not going to be a review posts, but  posts where I share books I've enjoyed listening to and later on, once my last assignment is out of the way, books I have enjoyed reading for fun.

I finally got around to listening to The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins and Narrated By Clare Corbett, India Fisher and Louse Brealey.

Image result for the girl on the train book 

 I thought it was an intriguing listen, and enjoyed trying to work out how everything fitted together and it definitely made my daily commute a lot more enjoyable.

Pop back next Friday when I'll share another book I've listened to on my journeys.

Please feel free to share recommendations of books you've either read or listened to.

Lupin Girl x

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