Tuesday, 9 May 2017


So here's a typical Tuesday in the Lupin Household.

My alarm goes off at 6.20am, and I may snooze it once or twice.  I am not a morning person!  Then my gorgeous husband appears like a hero with a mug of coffee.  I go and wake the girls, as they have to leave for their school bus early so need to hit the bathroom first, but C sneaks in and beats them.  I go back to bed to finish my coffee and wait my turn in the bathroom.  We really could do with another one!

We gradually all appear downstairs and the chaos of getting lunches made and breakfasts eaten - or prepared to have on the go, (or once at work in my case) - begins.


A lovely mixed berry smoothie was my breakfast today.  Milk, about 250ml, frozen mixed berries, about 60 grams and gluten free oats, 20 grams.  Whizz it all up, and enjoy.  It's so tasty and filling too.

We manage to get the right people to the right place with the right stuff  and everyone does there day of work/school/college, and then we have to get everyone back home again.

Once home I get the dinner on - J gets in later than us most nights. Tonight we were using up the left over burgers and sausages from the family BBQ at the weekend with some chips and sweetcorn.  Then L decided that she will have to have something else as she doesn't really like burgers or sausages! 
I've started running again recently and so when J got in and whilst dinner was cooking I went for a run.

I'm not a pretty sight when out and about lol, my face in this one is saying - 'Who's bright idea was this?' :)

A friend of mine has also started running but she's further ahead on the 0-10K program than me and I struggle to keep up with her.  Also my calf keeps hurting.  So today I started with her and her friend, but left them half way and just did a 3k which wasn't too bad. My calf was sore, but I thought it was easing off as I was almost home, so maybe if I'd kept going it would have been ok?  Also, I didn't feel too bad during the run (apart from my calf) and I feel pretty good now I've showered and stretched out a bit.

Then the tumble dryer had to be emptied and a wash put on so that my kit gets washed and hung up to dry tonight.  The dishwasher needed emptying and reloading, and then it will need emptying again!  I'm trying to help B with her math homework, but should really be working a bit more on my last ever Open University assignment, but my hair needs drying and straightening otherwise I'll look like I've shoved my finger in the electric socket in the morning!

So now it's nearly 10pm, and I need to go and hang up the washing and empty the dishwasher, sort my hair out, and fall into bed!

I hope your Tuesday was a good one. 

Sweet Dreams
Lupin Girl x

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