Saturday, 24 January 2015

Big update

Well, we had a totally uneventful Christmas, just the way I like them :)
We ate at my father in law's who was very thoughtful and bought free from mince pies and chocolate brownies for R, we took our own gravy and Yorkshire puddings and had a brilliant day.

Since then however I have had two reactions!

One to celery, and one to chocolate :(

By the time my appointment comes around in September I'll have a list as long as my arm!

R had his consultant apt, who instantly discharged him lol as I'd done her job for her by taking him off of gluten and wheat.  She is arranging for him to see a dietician, but did say that that is also probably a waste of time as I've been and already have all of the info!  Also I may want to consider getting him tested again in a few years time (will mean putting him back on gluten and wheat for six weeks) to see if coeliacs has developed as I may have just caught it early.  She also said for me to do this periodically as we're both sensitive to barley and cross contamination.

We now have a gluten free toaster, and our own pots of spreads and butter lol

I still haven't had the results back for L's coeliac screening but I think it will be negative, I think she's only bad if we have a gluten heavy meal, so when we have pasta she has the GF stuff like R and I and has been fine on it :)

Nourish, the catering company for the school my son is at have been brilliant since his diagnosis.  We had to get a note from our GP to say he recommended a GF diet, then they emailed me a list of their GF meals, I have spoken to the chef (Vicky) at his school who has shown me his red tray, cutlery and her utensils (the other kids have purple trays and metal cutlery) she was worried he would feel different, and some kids may, but R thinks it's cool that he's the only red one and gets a special band to wear too, so all is good there.  He is allowed chilli, cottage pie, bean and vegetable bake, all of the roast dinners, and all of the jacket potatoes except coleslaw but the Vicky said if I put him down for one on that day she'll give him a filling he is allowed :)  fruit, yoghurts, jelly and they've ordered a GF desert box containing carrot cake, ginger biscuits and apple crumble.  He hasn't tried the bean and veg bake as he has football at lunchtime that day and says a packed lunch is easier, and likes the crumble, but not the apple bit of the apple crumble (he's never liked cooked apple) and he doesn't like jelly, or cheese (one of the jacket fillings), but he's loving the rest, even the carrot cake which he was very sceptical about :)  So I'm very pleased for him and can't praise Nourish, or Vicky enough 10/10 for them both

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