Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hospital dramatics

Earlier on in the week we had L's allergy appointment at the hospital. We saw a lovely Dr who went over her history, confirmed that L is only allergic to peanuts, all other nuts were negative. However the blood test for peanuts was also negative but that doesn't mean there's no allergy and because of this, and how she reacted to the Snickers bar we're to be careful when L is exposed to nuts, just in case.  As she suffers from so many stomach aches, and because of the family history of myself and R being intolerant to gluten/wheat they decided to run a blood test for coeliacs, so we had to go and get the magic cream put on and hang about for an hour to let it work,  They took four tubes as I think they did liver function and some other tests too. The lady taking the blood was brilliant with her, explaining the difference between a normal syringe draw and the butterfly that she had used on L. As we can out of the room I could see L wasn't quite right and managed to get to the row of chairs before she fainted, cue the receptionist and a health care assistant rushing over to check her out, all was well and we were allowed out. So I guess it's another waiting game to see if half of our family are gluten intolerant!

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