Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day one

Well, that's the first day of little man being gluten free. We got off to a great start when he loved the cereal. 

I was very nervous all day about whether he would like his lunch after he hadn't liked the roll last night, but he came out of school raving about his chocolate cake, it was apparently REALLY CHOCOLATEY, although had been ver difficult to get in to.  I asked about his sandwiches and he leapt into the air saying they were delicious.  Phew!

Dinner was enchiladas and so we used the gluten free wraps and they were declared yummy.  He was very pleased with pudding, as I'd bought screwballs, and later on he ate a chocolate chip cookies and a rice cake.

I hope we get seen quickly so I can get him some items on prescription!

Let's hope tomorrow goes as smoothly ☺

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