Sunday, 20 March 2016


So, you may remember that we joined Virgin Active back in October. R has now started to use the gym equipment on Saturday mornings with Active Crew and I've really got into my running on the treadmill. 

A close friend of mine C, is also a runner and is taking her girls to run the iron run junior. A 3K muddy, obstacle run in May. I asked my lot if anyone wanted to run it with them and my boys were interested. I think B may have liked to do it but she will be on her DofE practice expedition that day. 

However C is too old to run as a child. So R and I have signed up. I'm going to enquire as to whether or not he could run with us as an adult as between us we have four children and two adults so they might let him. 

R and I are also going to run the Race for Life 5K with them, and I'm looking at doing a 10K with her as well! 

I was training three times a week but have been lazy recently and only been going once. My new plan is to run on the treadmill on Saturday's whilst R is in Active Crew. Rest Sunday's. Take R out for a run after school on Monday's, something at the gym Tuesday's. Rest Wednesday and Thursday's. If we get time I might take the kids to the gym on Friday's again too after school. 

I have run 5K once in about 50 minutes, my friend wants to do 10K in an hour. So I've got some improving to do by June, July 😨

I will keep you updated on our progress. 

Okay we've had our first run outside and I managed 1.22 miles in 14.09 minutes (R beat me round)

Lupin Girl x 

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