Sunday, 3 April 2016

New Running Trainers

I'm struggling when I run with pains in my shins. My Asics are fairly old, so I've treated myself to a new pair of Gel-Pulse 7's. 

The only trouble is that I've been full of cold since they arrived so I've not had chance to try them out 😢. I'm hoping that I'll be feeling up to a jog next week with R to check out the cushioning protection of the gel insole, they felt promising as I wore them around the house, but it's not quite the same thing! 

I have learnt that I am a heavy footed runner and am keen to find ways to stop being so elephant like as I plod about. If anyone has any tips I'd be most grateful to hear them. 

I've also found that I'm struggling with running outside. On the treadmill I can do 5K, but when I go outside I struggle to run 3K. Again any hints or tips will be most welcome. 

I will post a review of the trainers once I've tried them out a few times. 

Lupin Girl x

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