Monday, 4 April 2016

Gluten Free Cereals

Up until now R has been living on these for breakfast. 

He says they taste like Krave. I don't know as they contain soya so have to take his word for it, well, that and the fact he gets through boxes and boxes of them! 

I've found these. 

Which are lovely and remind me of Crunch Nut, which is a little odd as they don't contain nuts. B enjoys pinching them too, so they must taste good as she doesn't really 'do' breakfast. 

One of the cereals R and I have missed having to be gluten free though, is Coco Pops.  Yes, I know they are made from rice, but they have barley in and that hurts us too.   

We have tried Tesco's free from version, but neither of us like them much. The 'pops' are quite hard and small so it's a bit gritty tasting. 

Then I spotted Nestle popping ('scuse the pun!) up all over Facebook and have managed to get my hands on some. 

The 'pops' are the same sort of size as regular Coco Pops. They are not solid or gritty. They soften in the milk, which does turn chocolatey, but don't disintegrate.  

We will definitely be buying these again, both R and I now have two cereals we like. I might even be tempted to try the plain ones, which should be like Rice Crispies! 

Has anyone else tried them? 

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you. 

Lupin Girl x 

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