Thursday, 3 July 2014

Update on the gluten/wheat free diet

I've been doing the gluten and wheat free diet for just over a week now, and so far I think it's working.  I've eaten gluten free versions of pizza, pasta, muffins, biscuits, bread rolls, nuggets, stew and dumplings and not had a single stomach ache.  I'm so happy.  I haven't gone a week without a stomach ache for absolutely ages now, it had become normal to have a stomach ache, and now I'm remembering what it is like to be free of them.  I just hope I'm not speaking too soon, that it's not some kind of placebo effect which will wear off, I want them to stay away for good.

I have got to do another 3-5 weeks before I go back to the dietician (must remember to book an appointment tomorrow) and am keeping a food diary, the only thing I've had to put in it, other than the food I'm eating, is that I had a migraine on Tuesday.  I think it was atmospheric rather than food related though, as my eldest woke up in tears with pain from a migraine.  I had managed to get his pain under control by lunchtime.  Then, bam I noticed my vision going when up the primary school giving my youngest his hay fever eye drops.  I was supposed to be working after doing that, but one of the receptionists kindly gave me a lift home and I went to bed and slept until it was time to pick the youngest two up, when I also rescued my car.   B cooked dinner for us all, pasta, gluten free for me, and tomato sauce.  Then when J got in, I went up to bed and didn't wake up until the alarm went off Wednesday morning.

I have still managed to eat out, I blogged about going to Prezzo and I also managed a lunch laid on for staff.  I had jacket potato with a bacon and chicken filling (free from gluten, wheat, soya and lupin!) followed by water melon and washed down with fresh orange.  I did have to turn down the Cornetto, but would have had to even if I wasn't following a gluten free diet as they had soya in.  Today at the music afternoon at the primary school I was unable to have the biscuits which had been put out as refreshments though.  All in all, I'm doing ok, and think I'll be happy and able to cope with this long term.

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